Online Mindfulness Training for SHA Employees

To date, over 1300 employees from across Saskatchewan Health Authority have taken  the free Mindfulness Training through MindWell-U offered by the SHA Healthy Workplace Initiative. The overall satisfaction rate is 96% with participants reporting:

  • 99% experiencing improved mental health
  • 97% managing conflict better
  • 97% focusing better
  • 97% managing stress better
  • 96% learning skills for the workplace

Developed using evidence-based curricula, this innovative, online training is geared towards employees looking to incorporate mindfulness into the workplace. Content is delivered via any device, anytime and anywhere and focuses on simple yet powerful and achievable learning objectives. Past participants in SHA have found the challenge helps to lower stress, increase resilience, improve teamwork, and strengthen leadership skills.

The best way to see if mindfulness is for you is to try it. We can’t learn mindfulness just by reading about it in a book or an article. We need to learn to integrate the practice into our lives experientially. The Challenge also teaches ‘mindfulness-in-action’ so people don’t need to stop what they are doing to become calmer, present and focused, all of which leads to a happier, healthier work environment.

After just 10 minutes a day for 30 consecutive days, you can become healthier, more productive and better able to problem-solve and work in a team.

Watch this short video to learn more about the Challenge. Next SHA-wide challenge begins March 18.

Visit Healthy Workplace for more information and the register.