What’s the Mindfulness Challenge All About?

Thinking of taking the MindWell U (MWU) 30-Day Mindfulness Challenge, but not sure what you’ll be getting yourself into? Here’s what you can expect:

  • 10 minutes per day of mindfulness-in-action training for 30 days
  • Expert-led and evidence-based programming
  • Online and on-the-go platform that can be used anywhere
  • Free to join and includes a buddy of your choice from inside or outside the organization to join you in the Challenge.
  • Access to the Challenge and its content throughout the initiative so you can refer back to the content regularly to help keep the learning and benefits alive.

574 health region employees have already taken the challenge. Here’s what they’re experiencing…

99% experiencing improved mental health
98% managing conflict better
98% focusing better
97% learning skills for the workplace
97% managing stress better
95% engaging better with work
94% treating others more kindly
94% increasing self-care
91% experiencing improved physical health
90% communicating better
89% think their friends & colleagues would benefit from the Challenge
87% collaborating better
85% leading better
81% managing time better

So what are you waiting for…take the leap today and join the mindfulness revolution! THe next Organization-wide start date is Tuesday, March 27, 2018. (Open to Saskatchewan Health Authority Employees)

The benefits of MWU’s online training have been beyond my expectations! Mindfulness is a life skill everyone needs – I only wish I had learned it earlier.
– Mindfulness Challenge Participant