Song of Spring

I love robins; how they burst onto the scene with their feisty red feathers and vibrant birdsong, trilling out “spring is here!”  This year, they’ve become something more to me.

I have always considered myself a fairly active person during the workday, with lots of walking, visiting different sites, taking the stairs. But this winter, I noticed something had changed. I moved to a new office, and I stopped walking as much at work. I found myself more and more often hunched over my desk, working on a proposal or presentation. The printer is so close; I just need to extend my reach a little.  More of my meetings are now over the phone or through a web-ex. In a matter of months I had become much too sedentary.  And I was feeling the effects – a constant pain in my neck and shoulder, low energy, and honestly, the more I sat, the more I just wanted to stay that way. Yikes…time for a shake-up!

I’m a believer in the big impact of small changes. Small things, done consistently over time can lead to sustainable, positive improvements and a happier life. I also embrace a holistic view of health and well-being. Mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing are deeply interconnected and have different dimensions. Improving one aspect of wellbeing can also benefit other areas; the key is finding a balance and making healthy choices.

With this in mind, I’ve made a number of small changes, and they are starting to add up! I was gifted with a Fitbit recently which has helped to remind me to get up at least once an hour and go for a quick walk, outside if possible. I use a washroom on a different floor to clock in a few more steps and get away from my chair. Most days I go for a walk at lunchtime – if it’s raining, I try to run over to City Hospital and climb a few stairs. I’m adding in some other things as well – packing a lunch, drinking more water, regular yoga, using my massage benefits. I’m feeling better, have more energy and I’m more positive too!

So where do the robins come in? I see them everywhere now as the weather gets warmer and I’m outside walking more each day. They remind me of the interconnected nature of all things, how good it is to move, to be mindful and appreciative of the moment, and to be grateful for things such as the budding trees and beautiful walking paths to explore.

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