Making Some New Tracks

January 2017 – a shiny, new year starts to unfold before us, with barely any tracks made yet!

Hopefully the holidays have included an opportunity to rest, relax, reunite with friends and family, perhaps indulge in some fun winter activities such as skiing, skating or walking in the snow, and generally fill our spirits with warmth. For many though, this may not have been the case, as it is also well known that the holiday season can be a time of loneliness and sadness for some. And post-festive blues often hit to varying degrees after a flurry of fun, excitement and activity in December.

January can be a time for reflection and review of the past year – an opportunity to take stock of where we’ve been, where we are now and perhaps to take a moment to focus on where we want to go. It can be a time to look at our routines, our everyday moments to keep what has been working, and see where we may benefit from a change. Is it time to consider freshening up a self-care routine with something new such as a mindfulness or meditation practice, or scheduling in a regular massage? Or maybe now is the time to set a new goal or start a fun project.

A couple things to consider:

  • A resolution can be a daunting thing–defined as a firm decision to do or not to do something; involving resolve, determination, steadfastness, tenacity perseverance, doggedness…tired yet? You don’t have to overhaul your whole life. Often it’s the small, consistent changes, the bite-size bits that are the things we can keep doing and sustain over time, that ultimately lead to feeling happier, healthier, more in balance.
  • What really matters is our quality of life – our sense of well-being and living with vitality. Creating a life that matters involves many elements including physical, emotional, financial, social, career, community, environmental, creative, and spiritual dimensions. Why not use this time to really look at the different areas of your life, and decide how satisfied you are with each. You don’t have to do it all at once. If an area comes up short, maybe set a goal or two. Keep it simple, keep it real.

Happy New Year! Now get out there and make your own tracks!