Promoting Health and Wellness at Work

Did you know October is Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month? Why not take this time to check out Saskatoon Health Region’s health and wellness programs and services and get inspired to make some healthy changes.

2016’s theme focuses on the four fundamental essentials required to create and sustain a healthy work environment. They are: educate, engage, empower and evaluate. The Healthy Workplace Initiative promotes and supports many ideas based on this theme, just a few of which include walking meetings, stretch breaks, fitness and wellness classes and the Employee and Family Assistance Program. One of our favourite resources is the virtual health fair which offers a variety of screenings, tools and resources to help you assess your current status and make improvements towards a healthier self.

We all deserve to work in a healthy, safe, vibrant work workplace. And we all share the responsibility of creating such an environment–each one of us as individuals, and leadership at all levels has a role to play. What we can do as individuals and teams is to take care of ourselves and each other. You’ve probably heard the phrase “you can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf.” Wellness supports our ability to ride those waves of constant change. This includes:

  • developing resilience – our “bounce” factor
  • paying attention to and caring for our own health and wellness
  • nurturing our relationships and our working environment
  • taking positive action where we can

Spend some time this month taking stock of what’s available to you and begin or add to your own self-care practice. Your well-being matters! Taking care of YOU is needed to build resilience and tend to all the other things in your life. When times are busy and the pressure is on, we often let self-care go. Instead, hold these things at your core and build everything else around them. It’s what helps keep you grounded and strong.

To learn more about the four elements of a healthy workplace — healthy lifestyles, workplace culture and mental health, physical environment and corporate social responsibility — check out There are dozens of free healthy workplace ideas, tools and resources available.