September Brings…New Possibilities!

September comes in with a sense of starting fresh. As a new school year begins and routines perhaps set aside in the long days of summer start anew, a world of possibilities opens before us. Maybe it’s time for a lifestyle refresh by setting some simple, healthier habits around nutrition and exercise. Perhaps some decluttering is in order, whether that means, old clothes, or old ideas and habits of mind that are keeping us from moving forward. Maybe it’s taking a leap of faith and venturing into something new and exciting!

Why not take advantage of September’s undeniable energy and start fresh with something in your life? Here are some ideas to get you going:

Add something  

Giddy up with a little “Country Heat”  and sign up for a line-dance fitness class. Check out all of the classes being offered by Healthy Workplace this Fall! Open to all Saskatoon Health Region employees and Affiliates.

The Leisure Guides for Saskatoon, Warman and Martensville are available now with some interesting options for fitness, fun and personal interest.  How about some drop-in badminton… painting… Fitness Explosion… Pickleball…aromatherapy… Spanish … You’ll be amazed at all of the options that are out there!

Let go of something

Look into the many resources in your Employee and Family Assistance Program, available to you as a health region employee. Options include health and wellness resource kits, counselling, health coaching, specialized counselling and online programs to assist with career challenges, managing stress, tobacco cessation, enhancing your relationships, separation and divorce, and financial planning.

There are lots of community garage sales coming up this Fall. What great way to get rid of clutter and maybe pocket some dollars at the end of the day for your effort!  Also, many local organizations welcome donations of clothing, personal care and household items. Check out The Clothing Depot, The Salvation Army, Canadian Diabetes Association, The Lighthouse,  Community Living, Dress for Success.

Be kind to yourself

Focus your energies on a small number of goals, and keep things simple. Small changes done consistently over time can add up to big rewards for future you! Get some ideas on really simple goal setting  from zen habits.

Here’s hoping for a few more dog days of summer and to making September a fresh start on some healthier habits!