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medical-563427_1920Virtual Health Fair

Visit our virtual health fair at your convenience! There are over 30 different screenings, tools and resources to help you assess your current status and make improvements towards a healthier self. Choose from a variety of health topics including:

  • Heart Health
  • Mental Health
  • Physical Health
    • Spiritual and Emotional Health
    • Smart Phone Health

HWMonthHealthy Workplace Month

Every October, the Healthy Workplace Initiative celebrates Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month. It is a great opportunity to promote employee health and wellness and strengthen our commitment as an organization to a healthier workplace. Our goals are to:

  • Provide a variety of options to accommodate all employees, with particular attention to shift workers, community and rural staff.
  • Develop a variety of activities and offerings highlighting a comprehensive and holistic approach to health and wellness.

Stay tuned for fun and exciting Healthy Workplace Month opportunities for employees!

activityHealthy Workplace Champion Summit

Each year during Healthy Workplace Month, the Healthy Workplace Initiative hosts the Healthy Workplace Champion Network Summit. This day-long event is intended to provide champions with the opportunity to network and build relationships, discover new ideas and resources and together discover how each one of us can contribute in some way to creating healthier, happier and more vibrant work environments where people thrive. An important focus of the day is to recognize the Healthy Workplace Champions for all of the great work they do to help inspire healthier workplaces in their units and departments.


 sitstandSit-Stand Desk Trial

Research has established that the amount of time that a person is sedentary during the day is associated with a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and death, regardless of regular exercise. Sit-stand desks have been proposed as one strategy to reduce occupational sedentary time.

The goal of this project is to encourage more active work environments which include less sitting and more standing by giving interested units an opportunity to trial a movable sit/stand desk, and when budget allows be able to make an informed decision about purchase. This pilot is preventative and proactive in focus, encouraging staff to establish healthy habits before they are injured or require accommodation.

Let us know if there is interest in your area and we will meet with you and those in your department to discuss further. In an effort to reach more staff, we are unable at this time to lend desks to individuals.

Complete the form below for more information or to set up a trial in your unit or department.

Sit-Stand Trial Contact Form

Interested in learning more about the benefits of reducing how much we are sitting during the workday and guidance for using a sit-stand desk in the workplace? Check out these great resources!

Sit-Stand Desk Suggested Guidelines

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