Navigating Change

Change (CHānj) verb: Make or become different.

What comes to mind when you hear someone talk about “change?”

All good things must come to an end.

Let sleeping dogs lie.

A rolling stone gathers no moss.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

Nothing remains constant except change itself.

Be the change…

Change often looks or feels negative and is difficult. We may try to push it away or hold it back. It may be something we are longing for but just don’t know where to start. It often scares us because we cannot yet see what’s on the other side. Some changes can be exciting and full of promise as they bring new opportunities or move us forward. It could be all of these things and more, and to be sure – change comes, however we see it and whether we invite it or not.

Although the change we face may not be a choice, how we respond to it absolutely is. Coming through change may not be easy; it may in fact demand more than you ever thought you had, but it is possible through the choices you make to survive and even thrive. As the saying goes…

“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.”― Franklin D. Roosevelt.


Check out these helpful ideas in Jim Clemmer’s article Navigating Change and Adversity.

Saskatoon Health Region’s Employee and Family Assistance Program  can provide immediate and confidential assistance for any work, health or life concern, including managing change.  Visit the website or call 1-844-336-3136 for more information or to set up an appointment.