• Merry, Bright and Mindful!

    The holiday season is upon us, and with the fresh snow and abundance of colourful lights it’s looking very merry and bright! Along with the holiday cheer, this time often brings other things as well, such as long to-do lists, expenses, gatherings and pressure to get things perfect. Sometimes, in the rush of doing, a […]

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  • Join the ‘mindful revolution’

    Offering mindfulness training to all employees within the organization Revolution: a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something: a change of paradigm (Merriam-Webster) Mindfulness practice has great potential to revolutionize the way we think about and manage our well-being. Mindfulness can help individuals manage their attention and focus their minds with […]

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  • Learning For The Health Of It!

      Do you ever get the urge to shake things up? Not in any big, “make over your whole life” kind of way, but more as a craving to try something new? That’s happened to me recently. I’m a proponent of life-long learning of new things, ideas, skills, and approaches. Learning something new has often […]

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  • Bike To Work

    Did you know…. Saskatoon Health Region provides bike cages at a variety of sites for employees to safely store their bikes while working? For a $20 key deposit, you will be able to ensure that your bike is safe. Keys can be obtained from the RUH Facilities Support Services office. Riding your bike offers great […]

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  • Navigating Change

    Change (CHānj) verb: Make or become different. What comes to mind when you hear someone talk about “change?” All good things must come to an end. Let sleeping dogs lie. A rolling stone gathers no moss. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it Nothing remains constant except change itself. Be the change… Change often looks or feels negative […]

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  • Sleep – Are you getting your ZZZ’s

    Sleep is as important as a balanced diet and regular exercise in keeping us physically and mentally healthy, yet one third of us don’t get enough. That makes one-third of us irritable, forgetful, less productive and more susceptible to illness, as well as having an increased risk of obesity and chronic health conditions such as […]

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  • Welcome to the Healthy Workplace Initiative Website!

    Welcome to the Healthy Workplace Initiative website and blog. You may have noticed our tag line “moving forward for a healthier organization,” which is just what we intend to do! Our team has been working hard to increase access to resources and services as well as provide up-to-date, relevant and accurate health information to Saskatoon […]

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Healthiest You!

Healthy, resilient and sustainable workplaces where employees thrive and feel heard and valued – this is our vision for the Saskatoon Health Region.

The Healthy Workplace Initiative offers ongoing programs, events, information and educational opportunities to help Saskatoon Health Region employees focus on building positive mental health and physical well-being.

Health and well-being is a lifelong pursuit of making positive choices and decisions that lead to a balanced and fulfilling life. A healthy organization creates and sustains a supportive environment where positive life choices are the easy choice to make through building awareness, and establishing systems and programs to achieve and maintain good health.

What’s New?


New Mindfulness Resources Available

Saskatoon Healthy Workplace Initiative has a number of online eBooks on Mindfulness available to borrow through the Patient and Staff Medical Library. Access these eBooks and Audiobooks from an Saskatchewan Health Authority computer, or use your Library barcode to access them from home. Check out these free resources today and further your understanding and practice of Mindfulness.

Schwartz Rounds  – Save the Date

The next Schwartz Rounds will be January 11, 2018: Medical Errors—How we cope.

December Wellness Challenge

Take the December Wellness Challenge throughout the month with the focus being on your personal wellness!

Healthiest You Update – Fall 2017 Edition

October is Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month and the Fall Healthiest You issue includes ideas for creating a healthier work environment, ideas about self-care and what you can expect when you contact the Employee and Family Assistance program.

Personal Trainer Available

Are you looking for some help in achieving your fitness goals? Our personal trainer, Melissa Pylypchuk can help you by designing a program that works for you. Click “here” for more information.

Cross Training Opportunities at RUH this Fall

Cross-training is ideal for anyone, whether you’re a beginner who wants to get in shape or an experienced exerciser looking to take your fitness to the next level. Check out the schedule today!

RUH Fitness Classes Fall 2017

All classes are held in Ellis Hall Gym, lower level of Ellis Hall. All Region employees are welcome to participate. See calendar for fees and more information.

SCH Fitness Classes Fall 2017

Fitness Classes start the week of September 5 and are held in Central Therapies Gymnasium. All Region employees welcome! See schedule for fees and more information.

Yoga Fit at Idylwyld Centre

Do you find yourself getting stressed out at work? Maybe you are wondering if there is a way to relax and add joy into your day. Studies have shown that adding yoga into your work day can relieve your stress, improve your mood and even increase your focus. Check out the opportunities at Idylwyld Centre this Fall!